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Country Learning Groups: Botswana Powerpoint Presentations

Government of Botswana UNDP/UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative – by Boat Modukanele, PEI Botswana

Why Mainstream the Environment – by Barry Dalal-Clayton and Steve Bass, IIED

How to mainstream the environment: approaches, tools and support – by Barry Dalal-Clayton, IIED

Strategic environmental assessment – by Barry Dalal-Clayton, IIED

Public environmental expenditure review – by Barry Dalal-Clayton, IIED

Road map to a national sustainable development strategy – by Barry Dalal-Clayton, IIED

Environmental management at Debswana - by Mmapula Keaikitse, Debswana, Botswana

Environmental assessment as a planning tool for sustainable development: the case of Botswana - by David Aniku

Towards a national strategy for sustainable development – by Steve Monna, Department of Environmental Affairs, Botswana

Planning for and managing a biosphere reserve: the case of Mt Mulanje, Botswana – by Carl Bruessow, Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust, Malawi

Man and Biosphere Programme: mainstreaming environment in local development – by Guy Broucke , UNESCO, Harare

Framework management plan for Makgadikgadi wetlands systesm, Botswana – by Mokganedi Ntana, Departmenrt of Environmental Affairs, Botswana


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