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Integrating environment into development institutions and decisions

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Environment Inside - Chapter 9


[Chapter to be developed]


(Contact: peter.croal@acdi-cida.gov.ca)

CIDA has launched an e-learning course on environmental integration, which will devote a significant portion of the integration techniques to SEA. This course is compulsory.



(Contacts: Ulrika.Akesson@sida.se Annika.Otterstedt@sida.se)

  • The existing e-learning module on environmental integration is being used by many in Operations and is under revision primarily to increase the focus on climate change and disaster risk reduction.

  • A flexible training module on environment and climate change has been developed to serve as a starting point for a discussion on capacity development of country/regional teams.

  • Internal training modules on the Swedish thematic priority Environment and Climate Change are developed and used in 6 courses.

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  1. Purpose of EM
  2. Policy framework & mandates
  3. Targeting EM
  4. Main EM issues
  5. Challenges
  6. Concepts and principles
  7. Skills and capabilities
  8. Needs assessment
  9. Capacity development
  10. Institutionalising EM
  11. Environment-poverty-development linkages
  12. Outcomes to achieve
  13. Entry points of EM
  14. Country Evidence
  15. Influencing policy processes
  16. Budgeting and financing
  17. Implementing measures
  18. Influencing national monitoring system
  19. Advocating & communicating EM
  20. Stakeholder responsibilities
  21. Monitoring and evaluation
  22. Key steps in EM
  23. Tool Profiles
  24. Key literature
  25. Case materials
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