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International Stakeholders Panel

An international Stakeholder Panel has been established to help steer the project. This includes tool users, practitioners engaged in the initiative directly (e.g. through conducting country surveys) and agencies providing financial support.

Click here to download the Panel's terms of reference


The first Panel meeting was held at IIED on 14-15 January 2008. It addressed several related issues:

  1. The on-going design and conduct of the initiative, and building effective links to other related initiatives.

  2. The general role and modus operandi of the Panel itself. Terms of reference were agreed.

  3. Feedback from the initial country surveys was presented, and progress reports for ongping and new surveys provided.

  4. The Panel addressed: the specific task of the Guide and the scope of ‘tools’ to be included; how the included tools will be profiled and how that information will be organised and presented.

The second Panel meeting will review the draft guide.

The third Panel meeting  will (a) consider comments on the draft guide from a broader set of reviewers, (b) identify how to respond to users’ recommendations on missing/weak tools, (c) determine how to finalise the guide, and (d) consider possible follow-up work of the Panel.

Other meetings may be organised between these two main meetings (funds and opportunities permitting), but as far as possible, the initiative will adopt a ‘low-carbon’ way of working through email and video conferencing (where possible).

Key panel findings

Click here to download a report on the First Panel meeting.

Click here to see powerpoint presentations at the meeting.

Click here to see photos from the meeting..

Working Group meeting

A project working group met in London on 28-29 March London to discuss the initial scoping and launch of the project. Several members of the International Stakeholders Panel participated in this meeting.

Click on Working Group Meeting Report to download notes on the meeting.

Panel Members




Download documents related to the Panel and Work Groups


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