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www.nssd.net questionnaire

The www.nssd.net website was first setup in August 2000 to support the development of national strategies for sustainable development globally. Since then the site has been used by individuals and organisations from over 130 countries. Whilst we are able to monitor quantitative statistics e.g. number of documents downloaded, we cannot determine the impact of this information source on you the user, without your feedback.

If you can spend a couple of minutes completing this form, the information provided will able us to improve the website.

The first three responses drawn at random from completed questionnaires received by February 28th, 2002 will receive copies of the nssd source book: Resource Book on Strategies for Sustainable Development. Those chosen will be contacted by Email, and a valid Email address is therefore required.

How many times have you used the site during the last 6 months?

    2-3 times
    4-5 times
    6 or more times

How often do you visit the site?

    Once a month
    Less than once a month

How did you hear about the website? (tick any that apply)

    www.nssd.net leaflet
    IIED website
    Through the OECD/DAC
    Through another website or search engine (please specify)

    Another information source (please specify)

How would you rate the quality of the information on the website?

1 - lowest rating
3 - Average
5 - Highest Rating

How relevant is the information for you?

1 - Not relevant (lowest rating)
2 - Somewhat relevant
3 - Average
4 - Relevant
5 - Highly relevant (highest rating)

Please describe any purpurse you have you used the information for?

How could we improve the site? Please add any comments here

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With thanks from the www.nssd.net project team


NSSD.net is currently under construction to provide improved service. Please bear with us and check back for updates.


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