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nssd Country Dialogues in Nepal

This area contains information specific to the implementation of the project by the in-country lead team in Nepal.

The area includes country specific reference material, project management information and in-country project reports.


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Agenda 21, agreed at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, called on all countries to introduce national strategies for sustainable development (nssd). Since then, two international targets have been set: a Special Session of the UN General Assembly (Rio +5) set a target date of 2002 for nssds to be introduced; while the OECD  Development Assistance Committee (DAC) has set a target date of 2005 for nssds to be in the process of implementation. 

To assist in meeting these targets, the OECD/DAC initiated a project to develop policy guidance for development assistance agencies on the development and implementation of nssds. This project, 'OECD/DAC Donor-Developing Country Dialogues on National Strategies for Sustainable Development', involves a review of experience with nssds (and other strategies for environment and development) in a number of developing countries, on the basis of consultations with a range of stakeholders. The project focuses in particular on the kinds of processes and conditions required to make nssds work in practice.

nssd Country Reports and Status Reviews: Nepal

OECD/DAC Developing Country Dialogues on National Strategies for Sustainable Development. Mid-term review workshop, Thailand, 9-14 October 2000. Nepal Progress Report.

As a continuum of development and implementation of sustainable development (SD) strategies for Nepal, which began in the early 1980’s, the National Planning Commission (NPC) launched Sustainable Community Development Programme (SCDP) in 1996. Several initiatives relating to Forestry Master plan, Agricultural perspective plan and Five-year plan are underway with financial assistance from OECD-DAC countries. The nssd process in Nepal is expected to lead to the incorporation of the overarching principles of integrated and participatory development on sustainable basis.

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Nepal Sustainable Community Development Program

A summary of the SCDP program since 1996

Sustainable Community Development (SCDP) is an initiative that helps to build local capacities to integrate the principles of Agenda 21 into national development.

The Sustainable Community Development Programme (SCDP) has been formulated in line with Agenda 21 adopted by the 1992 Earth Summit at Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Established to support the efforts of His Majesty's Government of Nepal to promote sustainable development in the country, SCDP is a joint undertaking of the National Palnning Commission (NPC) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP


Status Review and Dialogue: Land and Agriculture.

World Conservation Union (IUCN) Nepal. National Strategy for Sustainable Development (nssd). Status Review and Dialogue: Land and Agriculture. Devendra P. Chapagain. January 2001

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National Strategies for Sustainable Development
Summary Report of Nepal nssd Dialogue. F
ebruary 2001

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Macro Ecomonic Policies, Performance and Sustainability Issues
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Criteria for Strategy for Sustainable Development in Tourism Sector. Prakash A. Raj

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National Strategies for Sustainable Development. National Consultative Workshop (Jan. 30, 2001). Poverty Reduction.
Bhuban B Bajracharya

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Status Review: National Strategies for Sustainable Development. Forestry / Rangeland / Biodiversity

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Good Governance, Participation, Gender and Disadvantaged Groups
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Status Review: Health, Population and Drinking Water & Sanitation Sectors

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National Strategies for Sustainable Development. Summary Report on Nepal's Initiatives. March 2001

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