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Sustainable Development Strategy: Now and for the Future

"Sustainable development is a constantly-evolving process of identifying and seizing new opportunities to improve the environmental and economic performance of the natural resources sector to maximize social and economic benefits to Canadians."

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Cover pages and Table of Contents

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Putting Sustainable Development Into Context

Sustainable Development Challenges for the Natural Resources Sector

Moving Forward: NRCan’s Contribution to Sustainable Development.

Operating Principles.

Highlights of NRCan’s first Sustainable Development Strategy

NRCan’s Evolving Strategy: The First Three Years

Accountability for Sustainable Development at NRCan

A Framework for Action

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The Public View

Horizontal Themes for Sustainable Development across the Government of Canada

NRCan’s Six Priorities for Action

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Vignette: The Climate Change Challenge

Goal 1: To provide Canadians with information to make balanced decisions regarding natural resources

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1.1 Accessible, integrated knowledge

Vignette: SeaMap

1.2 Cooperation and consensus

1.3 Policy instruments


Goal 2:To provide Canadians with sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits derived from natural resources

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2.1 Innovation and opportunity

2.2 Trade and markets

2.3 Sustainable communities

Goal 3: To provide Canadians with strategies that reduce environmental impacts in the natural resources sector

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3.1 Limit and adapt to climate change

3.2 Reduce environmental impacts

3.3 Safeguarding the environment

Goal 4: To provide Canadians with safety and security in the natural resources sector

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4.1 Safeguard Canadians.

4.2 Spatial positioning, mapping and boundary maintenance

4.3 Safe use of explosives and pyrotechnics

4.4 Enhance safety and security

Goal 5: To provide Canadians with a department that is efficiently and effectively managed

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5.1 Responsible management

5.2 Continuous improvement

5.3 Sustainable development in NRCan

Measuring the vision

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Appendix A: Measuring our Progress: NRCan’s Performance Measurement Framework

Appendix B, C, & D

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Appendix B: Operating Principles for Sustainable Development

Appendix C: Preparations for SDS: Now and for the Future

Appendix D: Departmental Mandate and Organization


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