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OECD Task Force on nssds

The DAC Working Party on Development Cooperation and the Environment (WP/ENV) mandated a Task Force, co-led by the United Kingdom and the European Commission, to produce guidance on best practice for assisting developing countries with the formulation and implementation of nssd processes. A scoping workshop in November 1998 brought together Task Force and developing country representatives to discuss the broad directions for this work. It is from these discussions that this project has been initiated.

Co-Leaders DFID and EC/DG8

Contact: Paula Chalinder
Sustainable Development Unit, DFID
94 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL
Tel: +44-171-917-0896/0129
Fax: +44-171-917-0679
Email: p-chalinder@dfid.gov.uk

Contact: Artur Runge-Metzger
European Commission (DGVIII)
12 Rue de Geneva, Brussels, B-1140, Belgium
Tel: +32-2-299-2512
Fax: +32-2-299-2908
Email: artur.runge-metzger@cec.eu.int


Ms Theresa Adam Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation
Mr Stephen Bass  IIED
Ms Inger-Marie Bjonness Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway
Mr Luis Cabaco  Portugese Embassy, London
Dr Barry Dalal-Clayton IIED
Mr Adrian Davies Department for International Development, UK
Ms Kathrin Heidbrink GTZ, Germany
Ms Alicia Herbert Department for International Development, UK
Ms Karen Jorgensen UNDP
Ms Emmanuel LeBlanc Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France
Ms Tomoku Onuki Permanent Representative of Japan to the OECD
Mr Arturo Lopez-Ornat Spanish Agency for International Cooperation
Mr Mathew Maguire Department for International Development, UK
Ms Johanna Palmberg Swedish International Development Agency
Mr Remi Paris  DAC Secretariat, Paris
Dr Stephan Paulus GTZ, Germany
Mr Mats Segnestam Swedish International Development Agency
Mr Mike Speirs  Danish International Development Agency
Mr Paul Steele  Department for International Development, UK
Ms Krystyna Swiderska IIED
Ms Anneke Wevers Environment & Development Dept., Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands


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