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The beneficiaries of this project will include donors and developing countries. The proposal follows directly the construct of an umbrella DAC initiative which has been developed through the Sunningdale scoping workshop process by both donors and developing country participants and agreed by the DAC Working Party on Development Cooperation and the Environment. The proposal has been developed by DFID and EC DG8 on behalf of the Task Force and with inputs from Task Force members, with support from IIED.

Detailed Project Description

OECD/DAC Donor-Developing Country Dialogues on National Strategies for Sustainable Development  (October 1999 - February 2001: 17 months)
Detailed Project Description  7 January 2000

This report provides full details of the project proposal as agreed between the co-ordinating institution and the donor agencies. The report is based on a proposal prepared on behalf of the Task Force by DfID and EC (DGVIII) - the Task Force Co-Leaders.

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DAC Working Party on Development Co-operation and Environment: Workshop Proceedings

Donor - Developing Country Scoping Workshop (Sunningdale, UK, 18-19 November 1998) - Detailed Report of the Workshop Proceedings

Note submitted by The Delegation of the United Kingdom
Agenda item 5, 19th Meeting Paris, 24-25 February 1999

This Detailed Report of the Sunningdale Scoping Workshop focuses on four key nssd themes: the characteristics of nssds, integrating sustainable development into economic, social and private sector planning, stakeholder participation, and capacity strengthening.  It complements the DACís official report of the workshop, which focuses on the main conclusions and proposals for further work. Together with the workshop papers, it is intended to act as a reference document for those involved in the Task Forceís work on nssds.

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Topic Guides for Status Reviews and Dialogues

These papers have been prepared to assist in evaluating the extent to which nssd processes may already be taking place in a particular country, and whether an enabling environment and capacity exists to develop and implement an nssd process.

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The Need to Clarify DAC Targets and Strategies

Assisting Developing Countries with the Formulation and Implementation of National Strategies for Sustainable  Development: The Need to Clarify DAC Targets and Strategies. OECD (1999), OECD, Paris.

This document outlines opportunities in formulating national strategies for sustainable development and discusses the need for clarification of the DAC NSSD target. The paper concludes with a section on how the role of development co-operation should be clarified.

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