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The BBC Reith Lectures 2000

Respect for the Earth


The Contributors

Introduction - Jonathon Porritt

Governance - Chris Patten

Biodiversity - Tom Lovejoy

Business - John Browne

Health & Population - Gro Harlem Brundtland

Poverty & Globalisation - Vandana Shiva

A Royal View and Conclusion - HRH The Prince of Wales

Questions and comments on each of these lectures can be found together with the relevant lectures.

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© The contributors and the BBC, 2000

All species have a deep survival instinct. They do everything they can to secure their own survival chances. And that is as true of humans as it is of the Siberian tiger or the lowliest of bacteria. We humans even have a name for the survival instinct: its called 'sustainable development'. Which means quite simply, living on this plant as if we intended to go on living here forever.

With ever increasing pressures on the planet's resources, how can we move through the twenty-first century without risking our own extinction? As the world population heads towards ten billion, can everybody's needs be met? And can democracy address these vital questions?

These essays, drawn from the 2000 BBC Reith Lectures are by five different thinkers from around the world. All are eminent in their own fields: governance; biodiversity; business; health and population; poverty and globalisation. Each brings a uniquely stimulating perspective to the complex issues of sustainable development. And there is the original and important contribution by HRH, The Prince of Wales, a passionate exponent of ecological issues, together with a stimulating variety of contributions from around the world.

Sustainable development is a central problem facing the globe. These lectures provide an in-depth introduction to the issue


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