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We have developed a questionnaire for use in the country surveys to enable decision-makers, planners, practitioners, NGOs and CSOs, private sector organisations and others to engage in the project and submit their views and perspectives - on approaches (tools, methods and tactics) for environmental integration/mainstreaming which are used (or avoided) in shaping policies, plans and decisions.

Click here to download the QUESTIONNAIRE

There are no wrong answers to any questions. We are concerned to find out what your views and experiences are as a User of tools for environmental integration.

Please send the completed questionnaire to UserGuide@iied.org


Favourite Tool or Approach

If you have a favourite tool or approach for environmental mainstreaming, please let us know and tell us why it should be profiled in the User Guide. Send you suggestion and reasons to UserGuide@iied.org



The questionnaire is available as a PDF document:



Click here to take an Environmental Mainstreaming survey now


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