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This page links to project reference documents, including the terms of reference for the in-country partner or collaborating partner teams, details of general work programmes and specific project/partner reference materials.
TORs for Lead Partner Teams

Topic Guide 1: Status Review

Topic Guide 2: In-Country/Region Dialogue

Terms of Reference for In-Country and
Regional Lead Organisations / Teams

These internal project documents relate to the specific roles of the partner organisations and the coordinating institutions in implementing the project and cover the following activities:

In-country dialogues

Five at a country level (in Bolivia, Tanzania, Nepal, Burkina Faso, and Thailand). Each of the dialogues will be implemented by a country lead organisation or team. The dialogues will involve a status review of strategic planning processes for sustainable development followed by the dialogues themselves involving stakeholder consultations, workshops and roundtables (their exact nature will vary).

Support to parallel strategy learning processes

The project will also collaborate with and provide limited additional funding to learn from and build on existing reflective and analytical work on strategic planning supported by DAC members/observers in Bangladesh, Ghana, Namibia and Pakistan.

Planning workshops

There will be 3 workshops: an initial planning workshop; a mid-term review workshop, and a final workshop. These will be attended by representatives from participating developing countries, lead organisations/teams, donors and resource persons on nssds.

Publications and dissemination of outputs

An issues paper on nssds, a status report and dialogue report for each country/region involved, and an overall synthesis report will be published through IIED. A sourcebook (bringing together the main issues and lessons from these reports) and guidelines for donors will be published by the OECD DAC Secretariat.





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