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OECD/DAC Dialogues with Developing Countries on
National Strategies for Sustainable Development

Status Review of
National Strategies for Sustainable Development
in Ghana

June 2001

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Seth D. Vordzorgbe and Ben Caiquo,
DevCourt Ltd., P. O. Box CT 1481,
Accra, Ghana,
E-mail: svor@africaonline.com.gh


Acronyms and Abbreviations  
List of Annexes  
1. Background to the Study  

1.1 Background to the review process


1.2 Objectives of the review


1.3 Study tasks


1.4 Methodology

2. The context of current country-level frameworks  

2.1 General context


2.2 Institutional context: effectiveness of regulations and incentives

3. National strategies for sustainable development in Ghana  

3.1 Key historical processes


3.2 Contemporary mechanisms


3.3 Identifying national strategies for sustainable development in Ghana

4. Key stakeholders and processes in strategy work  

4.1 Formulating Vision 2020: methodology, process and participation


4.2 The Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF) process in Ghana


4.3 The Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy


4.4 Formulating the Renewable Natural Resource Strategy: Methodology, process and participation

5. Integrating institutions and initiatives in strategy work  

5.1 Issues of current situation of strategy work


5.2 Roles and responsibilities


5.3 Enabling institutional conditions for strategy work


5.4 Country development framework coordination


5.5 Monitoring

6. Shared vision and commitment to strategy processes  
7. Key lessons learned  


Acronyms and Abbreviations

AgSSIP Agriculture Services Sector Investment Programme

CBO Community based organization

CCA Common Country Assessment

CDF Comprehensive Development Framework

CG Consultative Group

CHRAJ Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice

CPP Convention Peoples Party

CSPG Cross-Sectoral Planning Group

CSPIP Civil Service Performance Improvement Programme

DA District Assembly

DAC Development Assistance Committee

DFID Department for International Development

ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

ERP Economic Recovery Programme

FAO Food and Agriculture Organization

GDP Gross Domestic Product

GEA Ghana Employer Association

GIPC Ghana Investment Promotion Centre

GLSS Ghana Living Standards Survey

GOPP Goal Oriented Project Planning

GPRS Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy

HIPC Highly Indebted Poor Country

HIV/AIDS Human Immuno Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

IHDP Integrated Human Development Programme

IIED International Institute for Environment and Development

IMCPR Inter-Ministerial Committee on Poverty Reduction

IMF International Monetary Fund

MDAs Ministries, Departments and Agencies

MEST Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology

MLF Ministry of Lands and Forestry

MLGRD Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

MOFA Ministry of Food and Agriculture

MTEF Medium-term Expenditure Framework

NCCE National Commission for Civil Education

NDPC National Development Planning Commission

NDPF National Development Policy Framework

NED National Economic Dialogue

NGO Non-Governmental Organization

NIRP National Institutional Renewal Programme

NSSD National Strategies for Sustainable Development

OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

PAMSCAD Programme of Actions to Mitigate the Social Cost of Adjustment

PEF Private Enterprise Foundation

PNDC Provisional National Defence Council

PPMED Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Department

PRSP Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper

PRU Poverty Reduction Unit

PURC Public Utilities Regulatory Commission

RCC Regional Coordinating Council

RNR Renewable natural resources

SAPRI Structural Adjustment Participatory Review INitiative

SCG Sectoral Coordinating Group

TCOP Technical Committee on Poverty

TORs Terms of Reference

UK United Kingdom

UNCED United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

UNDAF United Nations Development Assistance Framework

UNDP United Nations Development Programme

UNESCO United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNFPA United Nations Fund for Population Activities

UNHCR United Nations High Commission for Refugees

UNICEF United Nations Children Fund

UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization

UNU United Nations University

VIP Village Infrastructure Project

WB World Bank

WFP World Food Programme

WHO World Health Organization

WP/ENV Working Party on Development Cooperation and the Environment


List of Annexes

A. Participants in the First Stakeholder Workshop

B. Historical Strategic Processes

C. Sectoral Coordinating Groups for the Comprehensive Development Framework




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