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The countries and region invited to participate in the  dialogues were selected by the Task Force from a list developed on the basis of expressions of interest from (a) donor agencies and their staff in country and regional offices and (b) from developing country participants at the Sunningdale scoping workshop or (c) through other contacts.

Bolivia Burkina Faso Nepal Tanzania
Thailand Ghana Namibia Pakistan

Final selection depended on there being a suitable team drawn from organisations in the country/region with experience of working on strategic planning processes and with capacity or organise the process and credibility to mobilise a range of  stakeholders. The lead team/organisation need not necessarily be a government agency, and may be an NGO, or a multi-stakeholder group - but governments are involved and committed to the process. 

In addition, the project will collaborate with and provide limited additional funding to learn from and build on existing reflective and analytical work on strategic planning supported by DAC members/observers in Bangladesh, Ghana, Namibia and Pakistan.


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