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Country Dialogues in Burkina Faso

This part of the site contains information specific to the implementation of the project by the in-country lead team in Burkina Faso.

The area includes country specific reference material, project management information and in-country project reports.


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nssd dialogues in Burkina Faso

Country Reports and Status Reviews

Country Specific Reference Material


Agenda 21, agreed at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, called on all countries to introduce national strategies for sustainable development (nssd). Since then, two international targets have been set: a Special Session of the UN General Assembly (Rio +5) set a target date of 2002 for nssds to be introduced; while the OECD  Development Assistance Committee (DAC) has set a target date of 2005 for nssds to be in the process of implementation. 

To assist in meeting these targets, the OECD/DAC initiated a project to develop policy guidance for development assistance agencies on the development and implementation of nssds. This project, 'OECD/DAC Donor-Developing Country Dialogues on National Strategies for Sustainable Development', involves a review of experience with nssds (and other strategies for environment and development) in a number of developing countries, on the basis of consultations with a range of stakeholders. The project focuses in particular on the kinds of processes and conditions required to make nssds work in practice.

Country Reports & Status Reviews

Pour la conception et la promotion d’une stratégie nationale de développement durable. Ministère de l'environment et de l'eau. Burkina Faso. Ouagadougou, Mars 2000. 

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Notes on the reflection Process on the nssd (national strategies for sustainable development) in Burkina Faso

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Burkina Faso.
The NCSD Sustainable Development Report.   or
Rapport du CNDD sur le Developpement Durable

Planning Frameworks State Review in Burkina Faso.

The goal is to design an efficient mechanism to integrate and harmonize the different sectorial planning frameworks and the action plans for implementing the main international Conventions in the context of the ongoing policy of sustainable human development in the country in order to create synergies and complementarities at institutional and field level.

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Le plan d’action national de lutte contre la désertification.

This document examines both the Burkina Faso National Action Plan for Desertification and the Burkina Faso PRSP. These are examined in terms of their context, actors, integration of strategies, and development and includes comments on process of participation in thir planning.

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Summarized presentation of the Planning Frameworks State Review in Burkina Faso.

The national strategy for sustainable development is not aimed at proposing a new plan designed for replacing previous planning frameworks. In fact, its objective is to enhance policies and programmes which are underway and enable a better synergy between the different actions carried out in the field.

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January 2001

Status Review in Burkina Faso for a National Strategy for Sustainable Development.
GREFCO January 2001

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Etat des Lieux des Cadres D'orientation Strategique et Propositions de Lignes Directrices pour L'elaboration de la Strategie Nationale de Developpement Durable. Rapport Definitif. Bureau de Consultation : Groupe de Recherche, de Formationet de Conseils (GREFCO). Janvier 2001

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Rapport General de Synthese de L'atelier National de Validation des Lignes Directrices pour une Strategie de Developpement Durable.

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Compte Rendu du Dialogue Avec les Groupes D'acteurs

Le dialogue au niveau des différents groupes d’acteurs en tant que forme de consultation participative est une étape cruciale dans le processus d’élaboration des lignes directrices d’une stratégie nationale de développement durable (SNDD). En rappel, il est à rappeler que le dialogue visait en premier lieu à approfondir l’état des lieux des cadres de planification au Burkina Faso et ensuite dégager des pistes de réflexion pour l’élaboration des lignes directrices d’une SNDD.

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