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Country Surveys: Central-Eastern Europe

Partner organisation:
Integra Consulting Services Ltd.

Pobrezni 16, 186 00
Czech Republic

Contact:            Martin Smutny
Tel.:                  +420 724 110 779
E-mail:              martin.smutny@integranet.cz
Website            www.integranet.cz/en



The survey was conducted during Februay and March 2008 in two countries: Czech Republic and Croatia.


(a) Czech Republic

The survey was conducted mainly via both face to face interviews and e-mail distribution of the questionnaires. Stakeholders were identified and selected through personal and e-mail communication. Furthermore the electronic form of the questionnaire was available at the Integra Consulting Services Ltd. webpage and the opportunity for those interested to get involved by filling in the form was advertised through the relevant electronic conferences and e-mail networks.

Face to face interviews were conducted with the most relevant stakeholders in the form of semi-structured discussion based on the standard project questionnaire (translated in the Czech language and slightly modified to be relevant the situation in the Czech Republic). A telephone interviews were additionally used as an ancillary mean of consultation. Altogether 42 interviews were conducted.

Two meetings were organised with the selected key stakeholders

  • A roundtable in cooperation with the North-Moravia Region (Department of the Environment and Agriculture). Representatives comprising regional politicians and businesses (industries, developers etc.) were invited to discuss frequency of application and effectiveness of the most frequent tools.
  • A meeting on 3rd April  in cooperation with CENIA (Czech Environmental Information Agency) where the preliminary results of the Czech survey were as well as existing drivers / obstacles for environmental mainstreaming.


(b) Croatia

Initially, a desk review was undertaken of available experience (from previous analyses of mainstreaming tools/practices in Croatia).

The survey was conducted in March 2008 through a combination of approaches: e-mailing the questionnaires to a large group of stakeholders; organising structured personal interviews; organising several group meetings where the questionnaire was used only as basis for discussion.

The questionnaire was sent by e-mail to over 150 individuals selected from all relevant stakeholder groups (sectoral ministries, environment agency, regional development agencies, regional and local authorities, academia, NGOs, media, protected area authorities, distinguished individuals).. 24 completed questionnaires were received.

Another 48 stakeholders were interviewed - individually or in groups - using the questionnaire for structuring responses. Personal interviews were conducted with at least two-three representatives of each stakeholder group. In each case, the questionnaire was sent to the interviewee in advance.

A round table for the selected key stakeholders was organized on 11th March in the cooperation with the Regional Authority of the Moravia-Silesia Region (Department of the Environment and Agriculture) to secure user opinions on the effectiveness of the various tools for the environmental integration. Participants included representatives of public administration (The Regional Authority of Moravia-Silesia Region), expert public institutions (Regional Hygienic Station), environmental consultancies (Regional Centre EIA, Enviform Ltd.), and businesses and industries (OKD Inc., Ostrava Water and Sewerage Company, The Union for the Development of the Moravian-Silesian Region).

Country survey report: Click HERE to download report







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