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Country Surveys: India
Partner organisation:
Development Alternatives

111/9-Z, Kishangarh
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi - 110070

Contact:             Anand Kumar
Tel:                    +91-11-2613 4103, 2689-0380
Fax:                   +91-11-2613 - 0817
Email:                akumar3@devalt.org
Website:            www.devalt.org


Phase 1: Desk Review

The project team reviewed secondary literature to identify and assess the effectiveness of various existing/overlapping tools of various multilateral organisations, government, professional association’s etc. (both published and web-based). The findings of the literature survey helped to identify the kind of tools which key people and decision-makers use in the Indian context.

Based on the assessment, different agencies involved in the usage of the tools were short-listed. The use of various tools for specific tasks was studied covering organizations across a range of key user groups (for example government departments, agencies, NGOs and CBOs, including international NGOs, business communities).

The desk review also identified particular individuals or categories of person to interview from each of the categories of organization within the above range. Those selected comprised a representative sample of decision makers, planners, technical experts and academicians.

In total, over 50 interviews were conducted.

For the field work, the country was divided into four regions (North, South, East and West) to narrow down the geographical area and maximize the results of consultations and interviews.

Development Alternatives is already coordinating several projects in these regions, and leveraged existing contacts and inroads in various agencies to hold detailed discussions with the identified individuals on the use of various tools for environmental mainstreaming.

Phase 2:  Design and development

Designing the survey instruments: Based on the Phase 1 assessment, information was collected on various tools already being used by individuals. This was undertaken using several instruments:

  • A customized questionnaire (based on a core questionnaire developed by IIED in consultation with the country teams);
  • A framework for semi-structured interviews (based around and consistent with the questionnaire);
  • Round table discussions.

Those selected for interview were being requested to complete and return the questionnaire beforehand. This provided the interviewees with a good idea of the project and the issues of concern, and gave the interviewers an opportunity to analyse the responses to questions, and identify issues that required clarification or in-depth follow-up and more detailed discussion.

Consultations with individual experts/users: The project team held detailed discussions with the individual experts and user agencies to identify effective and preferred integration tools that work (including their top five top tools) and the problems associated with them.

:  The results and inputs from the above work were interpreted and analyzed and profiles prepared on particular tools with relevant user-based perspectives.

Phase 3: Preparation of draft report

This involved analysis of questionnaires and notes from interviews to distil a draft report on findings, lessons and conclusions.

National Workshop

The scope of the work was presented at a national workshop in Delhi on 29th November 2007, when findings from some initial interviews were presented and opportunites to refine the survey were presented. Feedback from participants was incorporated in the final report.

Click HERE to download workshop report

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Contribute to this country survey:  Contact:akumar3@devalt.org

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