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Country Surveys: Philippines
Partner organisations:
The Earth Council Asia-Pacific and ICLEI – Southeast Asia Secretariat
Unit 18 Antonio Building
Caruncho Ave.,Pasig City
Philippines 1600

Contact:             Ella Antonio
Tel:                    +632 6414175; (63917)5369909
Fax:                   +632 6414175
Email:                ella.antonio@gmail.com
Website:            http://ekh.unep.org/?q=node/52


The survey comprised:

(a) Literature review

To determine who tool users and developers are and what tools they usually use, an electronic and desk based literature review was undertaken. This helped to confirm targets for the survey, develop a respondents list, prepare initial profiles of respondents, and adjust the survey questionnaire, when necessary.  The review also provided relevant and critical information that interviewers could refer to or expound on during the interviews.

(b) Adapting the questionnaire

This project aimed to learn from the experiences of other country surveys and adopt possible improvements to the questionnaire developed by IIED, particularly to adapt it to local conditions.  The questionnaire was translated into local dialect, since the survey gave equal emphasis to indigenous knowledge and tools.

(c)  Key Informant Survey, focus group and Interviews

The survey was conducted through a combination of mailed or delivered questionnaires (55 completed questionnaires were returned) and 63 interviews conducted by four interviewers from the Earth Council and ICLEI on a face-to-face basis or via telephone, Additionally, 45 people  were interviewed individually and collectively in focus group discussions organised in five sites in three provinces to improve understanding of the subject matter and the quality and quantity of responses three cities, and with the Philex mining community, gathering together  total of  45 people.

Country survey reportClick HERE to download report



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